For this particular data point, we suggested the below stated improvements:
We suggested a setup of a dedicated collection team of tele-callers whose primary role is calling up all the customers who have not paid. Take down their issues; place the issue in the appropriate bucket, and co-ordinate with the client’s field engineers until the issue is resolved. Once the issue is resolved, the tele-callers would call up the customer again and ask for the payment date and intimate the person on field again to collect the payment.

As there is a tele-caller team , the calls to the customers would not only intend to spell out issue resolution and payment collection, but also 2-3 casual calls in a month would also reach the customers for asking whether the equipment is working fine, are you facing any issues etc.

This way, any possible non-functioning can be captured before the customer raises the issue. This increases the efficiency further and help in maintaining a relationship with the customers, finally helping with customer retention and referrals i.e. future sales.
The collection process was mapped as shown this figure.

Agreement Signed
Payment type chosen? (One time capital OR Monthly payment)

Has the customer paid?
If No, what is the issue?

Issue Recognition: recognizing and classifying the issue as per the type i.e. Sales, Service, Accounts etc.

Issue resolution with the help of the client team
Send field engineer where required

Is the issue resolved?
If Yes, send a field engineer for payment collection.

So, when a customer denies paying due to any particular issue, the issues first were classified as per the type of the issue and would be placed in an appropriate issue bucket i.e. Services, Sales, Accounts and Project Etc.

This helps in channelizing the process. By placing a particular issue in the appropriate bucket, all the issues in a particular bucket can be resolved by people given over to that particular bucket. Over the time, we get to know what type of issues are rising frequently and can be focused on to get them resolved faster or can be avoided at earlier stages.
How we deliver value
We believe in delivering real value in manifolds across various levels i.e. whether a partner is looking at prices alone, or he is looking for market share after implementing the solution. Or he is simply accomplishing an emotional goal that he always had.

For this, we go for multiple approaches:
First we try to understand what a partner distinguishes as the real value for a particular solution i.e. to map points of value that matter to the partner along with his changing needs.
For us, giving attention to the value creation is very important keeping in mind the costs to the client at the same time. We continuously aim to increase this value by analyzing the client’s environment and the changes in the client’s perception of value regularly.

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