Our Vision

Our Vision

To bring in an appraisal in our partner’s existing business by being a revenue supplement is DB Evolution’s prime vision.

Core Values and Differentiators

Core Values and Differentiators

We are savvy to provide solutions for our clients by actively managing their core businesses. One can find us different than others in the industry to help you with your non-core part of business as well.

Flexibility in Costing

Flexibility in Costing

We offer both the costing models i.e. fixed model as well as a flexible model to our clients depending up on the specific needs of the project.

Who We Are

DB Evolution is a name you can count on as a solution provider. It acts as a remedy for different industrial sectors which play a role in dealing with various solutions, people and organizational consultation. When you think of implementing solutions, DB Evolution is the first name to be thought as your trusted business partner. Abbreviating your business needs, we keep an acute focus on delivering value for you. We provide brilliant solutions for various industries and organizations having midmost concern for customers across the country. We use our ascendancy of know-how and vision in giving accessible, dynamic and persuasive solutions for your intricate business. Improving customer experience, hitting high spots in business processes, proliferating productivity, and apprehending a positive revenue impact is the core for DB Evolutions.


projectmanagementThe degree of complexity at different levels in project management is affected by the factors like required number of people, scope of work, individual project expertise and the maintenance and support. Project management involves a comprehensive analysis of scopes in the project; distinguish performance points, being aware of all the technical requirements-including tools and technology required and understanding the project life cycle. We pinpoint the performance points to be optimized to increase the efficiency of the project. The project execution cycle is a tight-knit process aiming at the speed of execution. Project execution is followed by the closing phase where there is an estimation performed as a check for promised quality, timelines and output.

Global OutsourcingToday, Outsourcing is not provisional to achieve a cost reduction. The global cross-border business management has complex new challenges due to companies’ high-spirited nature and their profitable approach with leading-edge mind sets. To satisfy this, the business processes need to be adaptable for the companies to facilitate them a quick response to changing business needs. It is equally required to coordinate service outsourcing to business goals rather than to see it just as an buy powerpoint efficiency enhancer tool in various operations.

We take a remote future collective view of the client enterprise and line up its business goals to the outsourced service offers.

Business TransformationImpulsive technologies, shifting workforce, altering funding or income flows, current global regulations etc. keep organizations globally under pressure. It advocates the need to reprise and to transform their business models for being competitive and to escalate their market share. DB accredits in the concept of advancing value while transforming. That helps our clients to go through the complete transformation phase targeting an increased market share and amplified customer satisfaction while figuring cost cutting.

Business Project IntegrationThe business process must be formulated in a way that it seems not only a procedure of few defined actions but should also apprehend the sequence of steps remarkably, emphasizing on what needs to be accomplished and how activities from different departments be integrated with each other.

While we build a business process model, we look after all the aspects of the business that provide us an absolute model. That includes Scope of Work, Desired Outcome, Process Flow, Exceptions, Business Rules and Process Input-output etc.

Business Transformation1Pre Analysis: The pre analysis comprises of analyzing the solution requirement before the project execution. This includes the analysis of requirements, the complete scope of work, the costs involved, appropriate timelines for individual tasks and performance criterion on which the solution should be judged etc.

Post Analysis: The post analysis involves the analysis needed after the solution has been executed or is still under execution. It is used to analyze its efficacy and advancement required, here the inspection of investment, cost benefit, real value, expert surveys along with risk analysis, simulation calculations, surveillance of milestone , examination of cost trend and output are simultaneously kept in mind.


We have a simple and functional business cycle beginning with an exact definition of our business strategy, i.e. What we offer and what the added values are of our services and solutions for our customers. We not only do understand the needs of our customers but also are aware of their uniqueness. Every solution is based on our experience and it represents a balanced combination of a standard solution made to measure particular needs and possibilities.We aim to build a mutual and long term partnership.


The transition phase i.e. Transfer of process or business is one of the key factors of success. The aim of the transfer is to prepare all what is necessary on the client’s part. And for us to enable the best possible start using our common model and ensure full functionality from the very beginning. In this stage, our main focus is on three important areas: People, Process and Technology.

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This is the stage; we provide the service to our partners.
We implement quality indicators (KPIs, SLAs), including target values, which we use to measure our achievements. Also, we have other (operative) indicators that help us control the everyday operations and make the right decisions.

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At DBE, we aim to shape rapid and meaningful processes, with qualified and estimated output.
We focus mainly on CTQ parameters (Critical-To-Quality / Cost-Time-Quality), which with respect to customer’s needs, are the most principle parameters of the quality of provided services. We understand that the demands and needs of customers change along with the market and we like to be prepared.

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How we deliver value

We believe in delivering real value in manifolds across various levels i.e. whether a partner is looking at prices alone, or he is looking for market share after implementing the solution. Or he is simply accomplishing an emotional goal that he always had.For this, we go for multiple approaches:
First we try to understand what a partner distinguishes as the real value for a particular solution i.e. to map points of value that matter to the partner along with his changing needs.
For us, giving attention to the value creation is very important keeping in mind the costs to the client at the same time. We continuously aim to increase this value by analyzing the client’s environment and the changes in the client’s perception of value regularly.

What our Customers say

We have worked with DBEvolution for a number of years now, outsourcing various services, specifically archiving content for our program. We have found the quality to be exceptional, the turnaround time to be very good, and their ability to handle significant changes in volume and diversity of format to be very helpful.- Gerrard, Pro Systems
I sincerely appreciate the DBEvolution teams dedicated approach to teamwork, delivery and quality, and consistently meeting or exceeding our expectations. The results for our company have proven to be measurably valuable to our business, and we look forward to continuing and growing the partnership.- Kumar, ADM
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